Yes, yes. Everyone knows where I’m going very soon, but let me look back at what I’ve accomplished since January, cuz I’m pretty amazed myself.

What up guys! Well, I didn’t always decide that I was going to the 2019 Polyglot Gathering until February. But before that, I made a resolution to learn 2 new languages. It’s been 5 months since I made that decision, and I tried to study as much as I could. So, let me see how I did before I travel in a few days.

The 2 new languages I set out to learn were Czech and Portuguese (Portugal). In the past, I used to think that Czech was so difficult, and I felt very intimidated by it. After attempting Slovak and learning a chunk of the language, and after visiting the Czech Republic and feeling frustrated at not knowing enough of the local language while I was there, I decided to study it. At the time, I wasn’t sure I was going back, but after seeing a few things of interest going on during the month of June, I decided that I was going to study it, be somewhat good at it, and hope to visit it again. I think that many people have seen the language Pitbull meme on the Internet, saying that one “can learn Czech from porn.” Not necessarily true, but the Czech Republic has been a big producer of it in recent years, but for those wanting to study it without using porn (haha), try out “” Look it up on Google, and if you really like it, consider donating to them to keep the site up. 🙂

The other language I set out to learn was Portuguese. Same reason as above, although a small background of Brazilian Portuguese helped. In January, I did a 90 day language challenge on a language learning app called Drops where I used it for 90 days, learned some vocabulary, and set out to practice it in language exchange events all over the continent. I never was able to meet as many Portuguese people as I met Brazilians, so I always encountered the awkwardness of speaking “the other Portuguese”.

I would say I’m at a strong A1 for both languages, but a bit more studying in the days before I arrive to Bratislava and maybe either on of these can be an A2 language (maybe Portuguese, I’m THAT sure of myself) Throughout the whole month of May, I was occupied with so many things. I am preparing a presentation to speak at the Polyglot Gathering, as well as planning my trip out, and other personal things. It was sometimes very difficult to find time even to study one language. It’s something that many language learners encounter, but one piece of advice I can share with you all is to keep your motivation to learn very strong, and somehow find that one pocket of time to study. 🙂

I can’t also believe how all this time passed, and the Polyglot Gathering is only a few days away. I’m eager to hang out with my New Yorker group of polyglots who are traveling to Bratislava this year, as well as catching up with my European friends, meeting new ones, and having some new adventures. Follow along on my social media channels as I share everything I can on the Polyglot Gathering as it occurs in Bratislava, Slovakia for the last time, and discover where it could be going next year, as well as the travels I have after that. I think I may have revealed those countries either in person, or somewhere else, but the theme will be a “Slavic” one, that’s for sure. 🙂 There will be lots of great presentations from my fellow presenters, fun evening events, and lots of talking, and maybe a threat of rain. Hehe. Also, look out for Gareth Popkins with his camera as he does his daily vlogs about the Gathering. I appeared in a few of his vlogs last year. And look out for my blog posts after the Gathering, day by day, as I did last year. To fellow Gathering attendees reading this post, I hope you have a safe trip to Bratislava, and see you all on Wednesday!

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