Some Important Announcements, and My Plans For The Rest of 2019

Hi guys! 9 months have gone by this crazy year, and I’ve had such an interesting year. Now, I can reveal what’s in store for me for the last 3 months of this year. There’s plenty of activities left to happen in the language world, that’s for sure.

From October 18 to the 30th, the Polyglot Conference will take place in Fukuoka, Japan, marking the first time the Conference is held in a continent that is neither Europe or North America. The famous Language Show of London will be held from November 15 to the 17th, and Berlin’s Expolingua will be held the following weekend, from Friday, November 22 to Saturday the 23rd.

I will announce that I won’t be attending either one of these 3 events, because I made a decision to make a different trip. I’m traveling to Brazil to end the current year and begin the new one. It will be my first time in South America, and I’m excited for this trip. This will obviously mean that my next language project and studies for the remaining 3 months of the year will be centrally focused on Portuguese, and to either develop a more firm Brazilian accent or to only use my European one, but most likely end up keeping both. I do plan to continue traveling to Portugal in the future. Haha. I do feel a bit disappointed about not being able to attend the Conference, being that most of my global polyglot buddies are attending, and from seeing the list of speakers for the talks and workshops, it looks like this year’s Conference is going to be a mash-up of the 2019 Polyglot Gathering and 2019 Montreal LangFest. Hahaha. I am happy about just having done the Polyglot Double this year, having gone to the Gathering and LangFest. (I did achieve the Polyglot Treble last year, having been to both of these, as well as the Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia.) But this year also brings some new beginnings in these language events, because more smaller conferences are being started around the world. It’s either that, or we are also starting to learn about other conferences that have already existed but few of us knew about. Events on either one of these lists are:

The U.K. Language Event – Scotland

Jezicki Mostovi- Novi Sad, Serbia

The Mini Gathering – Brussels, Belgium

The Melbourne Language Event – Australia

Poliglotar – Different city each year, Brazil

LingvaFest – Bratislava, Slovakia

So although the big 3 conferences (Polyglot Gathering, Montreal LangFest, Polyglot Conference) are usually the ones most people try to attend, now there are more options for many polyglots around the world to attend different language events throughout the year.

As for my languages, going back to study a non-Slavic language as my main focus is interesting, and I will see how long it will take me to get it to a good level, being that I already have some decent foundation in it from starting it this year, as well as similarities with the other Romance languages that I speak. Getting the practice for it will be much easier than getting the practice for my Slavic languages. Haha. I will be focusing on my Slavic languages to a lesser degree, but hopefully not to the point where I start forgetting them.

I was contemplating starting a Huggins speaking challenge for this month, but then I decided to buy a laptop that is newer and more capable then the one I’m currently using at the time of writing, so as I learn how to use that new lappie when I get it, I may decide to do a speaking challenge in November, I’m just not sure in which language to do it in yet. I will also have new plans, but nothing is put together yet, so when it’s fully launched, I can announce it.

If you’re reading this and you are going to either Fukuoka, London, or Berlin for the language events, have a lot of fun for me, and enjoy them. I’ll be back in 2020, somewhere, still thinking of plans. But for now, até logo.

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