Some Announcements For 2020, and My Language Projects So Far

Hi guys! We made it to November. Here in NYC, it’s getting colder now, and the sun goes down earlier. But as I see less sun, I am also looking into my future.

In last month’s blog post, I listed the smaller language conferences and events going on in the world now as these events have now been created for people to attend if they can’t go to any of the Big 3 in the world. Of course, if anyone can make it to the smaller conferences, that is nice too. I’ll take the opportunity to announce that I am attending the Edinburgh Language Event in Scotland at the end of February next year. The tickets were just released for it, so get one if you can make it. This event is one that is sponsored by the Polyglot Conference, and I will see some of my British friends here, I’m sure. I am told that Edinburgh is a nice city, and I’m looking forward to visiting in a few months. This conference looks to promote languages and culture of the British Isles.

As for my studies, I’m continuing to study Serbo-Croatian via Mango Languages. I’ve also been studying Portuguese by listening to media online, but I’m also going to supplement it with LingQ, to pick up more vocabulary and improve my listening skills. I’ve drifted a little away from the other Slavic languages a bit, but I’ve started following Polish vocabulary accounts on Instagram to learn new words each day, in anticipation to study it a little more as I get ready for the 2020 Polyglot Gathering.

Now that the ball gets tossed back to the conferences talk, there is excellent news about the 2020 Polyglot Conference. As some of you know, the location of the following year’s Polyglot Conference gets announced at the end of the current conference. At the closing ceremony in Fukuoka a few weeks back, I got one of the biggest announcements ever: the 2020 Polyglot Conference will be going to my family’s home state in Mexico. The location will be Cholula, near the capital city of Puebla, in the state of Puebla. My family’s origins are in the municipality of Izúcar De Matamoros, in the small village of San Nicolás Tolentino. The village is 2 hours away from the host city, and it will be quite special. It will definitely be important for me to attend this Conference, having attended another very special Polyglot Conference, the one back in 2015 in my home city of New York. I would definitely wonder what were the odds that the Polyglot Conference would’ve ever been hosted in 2 places that are very special to me. In next year’s case, there was a friend that “did some business under the table”. Haha. I’m kidding. A friend of mine definitely has something to do with it, and I’m grateful for it. It’s a year away, but I’ll see what I’ll be able to do to help Conference attendees before, and during the Conference. Also, for 2020, North America will host 2 conferences this year. Polyglots in the continent can either choose to attend both, in a span of 2 months, or attend one of them, and also opt to go to the Polyglot Gathering in Poland, unless they decide to only do the ‘local’ conferences this year. In my case, I have the chance to do the Polyglot Treble, like I did in 2018. I also have some ideas for talks in mind, so I’ll see if I can organize my ideas for each and submit proposals. Until then, I’ll just keep studying.

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